Dan Muhwezi

Dan Muhwezi
Sociology Professor
Phone 620-327-8323
Office Kropf Center

Affiliated Departments or Programs


  • B.A., public administration, Makerere Univeristy (Kampala, Uganda)
  • M.A., public administration, Iowa State University (Ames)
  • Ph.D., sociology, Iowa State University

Research interests:
Social inequality, social organization, sociology of religion

Introduction to Sociology text (in progress)

Personal Statement

I believe students have been led to pursue higher learning at an institution where Christian values provide a foundation for learning and knowing. This belief informs the research and theoretical perspectives I use to integrate empirical data, faith and critical thinking as I engage, challenge and encourage my students to develop a sociological consciousness with which to understand society and their role in it.

Professional Affiliations

Courses Taught

  • Soc 202 Introduction to Cultural Anthropology
  • Soc 203 Introduction to Sociology
  • Soc 207 Sociology of families
  • Soc 215 Social Diversity
  • Soc 220 Social Psychology
  • PolS 121 American Government and Politics

In Addition …

What draws you to the field of sociology?

I have always been interested in understanding how social processes affect behavior and how such processes can be changed. In that regard, sociology was a natural fit for me.

What about teaching energizes you?

Teachers are uniquely positioned in crafting a window or prism through which students can explore society, develop models and be energized to develop important relationships and serve others. To me teaching is a two-way process. As I energize so also am I energized by many curious minds.

What are your favorite courses to teach? Why are they favorites?

My favorite would be Introduction to Sociology and the American Government and Politics class. Both expose the truth about society, the role of power and the importance of civic engagement.

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