Why we are Hesston College Partners

Mischa De Jesus, Tess and JT Roetlin

Hesston College is a great starting place for students because it helps them learn their core values in life. Students may not always recognize or appreciate opportunities and experiences for what they are during their time at Hesston, but in later years they will realize and cherish those opportunities as transformational. This is just one reason that we choose to support Hesston College as Partners.

Many people before us donated to get the college started, sustain it through lean years and support its mission, goals and students. With the help of financial donors to the college, JT was able to enjoy his own Hesston Experience. We believe it is now our turn to give to continue the legacy not only for our children, but also to make the Hesston Experience a possibility for other other students as well.

Mischa (De Jesus) ’14, for whom we are legal guardians, had a memorable Hesston Experience over the last two years. We would like to thank all the staff and faculty for guiding her in everything from academics to spiritual life.

Hesston College is a special place, and we hope by supporting it in this way, it can become the starting place for many future students.