Under Cover

Type: Cooperate Group Game, Somewhat Active and Simple

Group Size: 8 to 10 people depending on the size of the tarp.

Equipment: A tarp, blanket, or a large square of cloth, at least 15 feet (4.5 meters) square. Lay this material perfectly flat on the surface of the ground or floor.


  1. The whole group must try and get under the cover.
  2. The people can not use their hands, arms, or head in any way to get under the cover. (You must try and avoid unintentionally grasping the tarp with your hands).
  3. You may sit, lie down, or do anything you can to get the whole group under the tarp.
  4. Just have fun with it.


  • Get down on your knees first and start from there.
  • Use your hips, legs and feet to do this.
  • Possibly, have someone lie on their back first propping up the tarp with their feet like a tent and have the rest of the group go under.
  • Have a couple people standing on the corners of the tarp to somewhat stake it down.

Story Line:

During your latest climbing expedition, your group happens to be exposed during the beginning of a solar flare up. Against the white snow, the sunlight will be blindingly bright, so your group needs to relocate underneath the community ground cloth upon which you were previously sleeping. Since your hands are full of your possessions and equipment, you can only use your legs and bodies to accomplish this Under Cover attempt.


  • Have a smaller tarp to make it more difficult.
  • Absolutely try not and use the hands.
  • Possibly take body parts away, such as not being able to use one of your legs. Have the people actually have something in their hands so that they?re not tempted to use them, such as holding cups of water, or backpacks, or even tennis balls.
  • You could even put a time limit on it.