Hoover Ball

Type: Active Indoor/Outdoor

Group Size: 12-14

Equipment: A medicine ball weighing about 10-12 pounds depending on the strength of the group and volleyball nets. A lighter medicine ball would be appropriate for younger groups.


  1. Split the group into teams.
  2. The concept of the game is exactly like volleyball where you try to get the ball to land on the other team’s side of the court.
  3. In this case, you don’t hit the ball but you throw it from side to side and person to person.
  4. Each team gets three throws on their side just like hits in volleyball.

Hints: Try your hardest to get the teams energized and competitive about playing otherwise it will be slow and boring. This game can be very intense and can be very physically tasking if the teams are really into it. Limit the numbers of people on a side. Too many people cause participants to disengage which could be hazzardous to their health. Make sure everyone is paying attention.

Critique: Probably best used in the evening hours.