Poor House

Type: Mixer

Group Size: Any size

Equipment: A roll of masking tape or chairs enough for everyone in the group with the exception of two people.


  1. Place long strips of masking tape or chairs in a circle. If you use chairs make sure that they are facing the inside of the circle. There should be places around the circle for all of the people with the exception of two.
  2. Leave four empty spaces (or entrances). Make sure that each entrance is roughly 1.5 yards wide (the width of three chairs).
  3. Make a smaller circle in the middle of the tape or chairs.
  4. Place two people inside of the smaller circle.
  5. When the music plays, the people on the outside circle all start going around the circle while the two people in the middle remain stationary.
  6. When the music stops, everyone tries to find a spot on the outer circle. The two who don’t have a spot on the outer circle will stand in the center circle.
  7. NOTE: The people going around the outer circle must not step over the tape or move any chairs to get a position on the outer circle. They must go through an entrance to get their positions. Fast walking is highly encouraged.


  • Active music is very beneficial.


  • This game is a good game, with variations, for groups of all ages, and for intergenerational groups.
  • It works using masking tape, but it would probably work better with chairs