Ride the Pony

Type: active

Group Size: 4 or more

Equipment: clothespins


  1. Mark off a boundary (approx. half of a basketball court)
  2. Divide your group into pairs of two
  3. On partner gets “piggy back” on the other partner
  4. The one on top places a clothes pin in the middle of his/her back (clipping it to their shirt)
  5. The goal is for the rider to grab the clothes pins off of the other riders
  6. When your clothes pin is taken you are out and must leave the playing area
  7. You can win one of two ways. By having the most clothes pins, or by being the last team in the game.


  1. You may want to give each rider more than one clothespin so that they have more than one chance.
  2. Depending on the group you may want to advise persons with bad backs/knees to not play because it might not be safe to carry another person.
  3. Depending on clothing styles you may want to warn persons about the possibility of their shirt/hair being pulled by mistake.

Critique: The game went well. It is a fairly quick game and some people suggested making the area smaller to make it harder to get away. Also, it was suggested that each rider gets more than one clothes pin so that they get more chances to stay in the game.