Exchange Tag

Type: Icebreaker

Group Size: 8-20

Equipment: None


  1. Players can be seated in rows or standing in a circle.
  2. The one chosen to be “IT” is in front of the row of seated players or in the middle of the circle.
  3. Each player has a number.
  4. Leader calls out two numbers.
  5. The two players whose numbers were called must try to exchange seats before “IT” can tag either of them.
  6. The one tagged becomes “IT”.
  7. If neither is tagged, continue with same person “IT”


  • Spread the group out along the line, so they are spaced. This makes it harder for the “IT” person to tag them.
  • Set boundaries for the runners.


  • Split the group to make two small groups, so everyone can participate more.
  • If there is an uneven number with two groups at the same time, have the “IT” person call the numbers or have number ten be numbers ten and eleven.