Musical Squares

Type: Small or Large Group, Moderately Active

Group Size: 5 – 20

Equipment: Masking tape or Markers, Guitar or Music


  1. make squares in the floor with either the masking tape or markers
  2. make the squares in not specific patterns, and make one square less than the number of people playing
  3. when the guitar player starts playing the guitar, the people has to move around the squares
  4. when the music stops, the players have to find an empty square to stand
  5. if one of the players if left out then, the person has to that the group ask him/her to do for instance; impersonate and animal or do something silly


  • make requests such as; pretend to be a monkey, impersonate a famous person, kiss someone, and take off your shoes..


  • Take one piece of tape off every time the music stops, so members can be eliminated
  • Put the pieces of masking tape closer, so it can be more difficult to find the piece of masking tape available
  • The circle of people running around the pieces of masking tape can be bigger, so it can put more effort to step in a piece of masking tape available
  • Every piece of masking tape can be labeled, so when people step on
  • it, then they have to do what the label tells to do
  • People would have to walk instead of run around in circles