Fox and Squirrel

Type: Group, speed, mind

Group Size: 10+

Equipment: You need to have two balls that are different colors or sizes.


  1. Sit down in a circle facing inward.
  2. Make one ball the fox and the other one the squirrel.
  3. The fox can only be passed person to person in any direction. The squirrel can be thrown anywhere.
  4. When the two balls end up together then the person holding both of the balls is out ore else the game could be over.


  • Try to go FAST!!!


  • It could be easier to use bigger balls for younger kids.
  • Even using nurf balls may improve their ability to catch.
  • People suggested that it may be more fun if you played it with a word such as “PIG”. In this way it would take someone 3 times to actually “get out”.
  • You could use things that resemble the actual animals or add another animal.
  • Maybe you could talk about the food chain process after to make it an educational activity, especially for younger kids.