Look Into My Eyes

Type: Icebreaker

Group Size: 10+

Equipment: None


  1. Have group form a circle
  2. everyone look down at the floor
  3. The leader will count to 3 (out loud)
  4. One the count of 3, everyone in the group will look up and stare one other person in the circle
  5. If 2 people are staring at each other, they both scream and are eliminated from the game
  6. Continue steeps 1-4 until you have a winner or two people left


  • Play a few rounds before eliminating people
  • Make circle smaller as people are eliminated
  • Change counters periodically or have everyone hum together instead of counting
  • There may be rounds when no one is eliminated
  • For a quite variation have people sit-down or wave their arm or a big shocked face
  • You aren’t aloud to look at the same person consecutively


  • It helps break down walls by getting people to look into each other’s eyes
  • It’s fun to watch and play, creates laughter and a relaxed atmosphere
  • It allows people to scream at the top of there lunges
  • Create a larger circle so you are staring at a greater distance