Type: Active (small group)

Group Size: 6-10

Equipment: One Playground Ball


  1. One player stands in the middle of a circle of players.
  2. Each player chooses a different color.
  3. The player in the middle throws the playground in the air, simultaneously calling out a color.
  4. All players without a color, as well as the thrower, immediately run away from the circle.
  5. The player with the designated color must retrieve the ball and yell “Stop!” Everyone freezes on this command.
  6. The player with the ball toward this chosen player. If touched, that player becomes the thrower in the middle.
  7. If missed, the roller becomes the new thrower.


  • Use players’ names if remembering colors becomes too confusing.
  • Instead of running, use different locomotors skills such as skipping or galloping.
  • Allow the players to take a specific number of steps toward the targeted person.
  • Have students pair up and perform locomotors skills together as they move out from the circle. This then increase the target size for less-skilled rollers


  • Using each others name is easier than using colors because there’s a possibility that someone doesn’t have that color.
  • Primary for use for middle schooler’s, high schoolers and college students