Knock Out

Type: Medium Activity level

Group size: 4+

Equipment: 2 basketballs and a goal (if more than 10 people perhaps two goals)


  1. Everyone lines up behind the free throw line (single file line), 
  2. The balls start in the front of the line. 
  3. The first person shoots the ball, and the person behind them shoots immediately after the first person has shot the ball. 
  4. If the 2nd person to shoot makes it before the first person, the first person is out. 
  5. Once you make it, if you are not out, you throw the ball to the beginning of the line, and you go to the back of the line.
  6. This scenario keeps going until one person is left.

Hint: You can knock out someone’s ball if it comes in your area to keep things interesting.

Critique: To make the game longer, play tornado knock out where if the person that got you out, gets out, then you are back in. So once someone has got everyone out, they win.