Indoor Snowball Fight

Type: Team/Very active

Group size: Any


  • Large area indoors
  • 50-100 sheets of old paper or newsprint wadded up for snowballs (have snowballs divided in half in separate bags to make start up easier.)
  • masking tape to make a center line if there is not one on the floor already.


  1. Divide the area into two equal sections.
  2. Divide into two teams, one team on each side.
  3. Dump one bag of snowballs on each half of the room.
  4. Instruct the teams that the goal is to have the least number of snowballs in your area at the end of 5 minutes.
  5. Snowballs can only be thrown, not kicked and they can only throw one at a time.
  6. The facilitator yells go and times off five minutes then yells stop.
  7. Count the snowballs on each side, the side with the lower number wins!


  • If a snowball hits you, you are out and unable to continue throwing for your team.
  • Could also be set up in a tournament format (3 minute rounds). A great active indoor activity that requires little space.


  • If the room is very large as a gymnasium, or if dealing with a large group, you could break area into four sections/teams.
  • Also, teams may want to form two rows so that the back row throw to the front row who then throws the snowballs over into the opposing team’s court.
  • This may help, as paper balls may be hard to throw a good distance.
  • Do not tell the participants when time is nearly up (this will help prevent hoarding of the snowballs)


  • Worked pretty well, could be played with more or less time as well as with more or less snowballs.