Body Parts

Type: Group, active, teamwork

Group Size: Definitely more than 10¡K.the more the merrier!!!!

Equipment: Chairs, if available


  1. Everyone pairs up, one partner joins the inner circle and the other partner joins the outer circle.
  2. The circles start walking in opposite directions.
  3. There can be one or two judges standing on chairs on the outside edge of both circles.
  4. One of the judges calls out two body parts.
  5. Partners have to find each other and touch those two body parts together ASAP.
  6. The last pair to get together is out.

Hints: It helps to pick a partner who will take the first body part mentioned.

Critique: People liked this game! They thought it might be better to make the circles farther apart. It could be good for any age group. The elderly may have more trouble with this game.