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Russell Adrian Music faculty 620-327-8143
Justin (J.R.) Allen Plumbing and Heating 620-327-8182
Noreen Anderson Development Logistics Coordinator 620-327-8157
Vickie Andres Business faculty 620-327-8324
Becky Armstrong Director of International Student Services 620-327-8210
Larry Bartel Web Content Manager/Photographer 620-327-8118
Becky Bartell Nursing faculty 620-327-8129
Jeff Baumgartner Mathematics faculty 620-327-8131
Karen Bender Cook 620-327-8178
Amy Birdsell 141 Chief Instructor-instrument rating; 141 Assistant Chief Instructor-private and commercial 316-283-6161
Marlene Boese Administrative assistant to the Registrar and Vice President of Academics 620-327-8231
Rick Borders Web and System Administrator 620-327-8117
Angie Brockmueller Assistant Registrar 620-327-8201
Brent Brockmueller Resident Director 620-327-8190
Tony Brown Development Officer 623-826-3613
Karl Brubaker Business Manager 620-327-8216
Suzanne Burch Academic Assistant 316-283-6161
Kendra Burkey Communications faculty 620-327-8325
CJ Byler Sociology faculty 316-217-2579
Darline Corona Environmental Services 620-327-8119
Tonya Detweiler Vice President of Advancement 574-370-7774
Hilary Dick Development Office Manager 620-327-8111
Donna Diener Library Assistant 620-327-8244
Myron Diener Men's and Women's Tennis Coach, Mathematics faculty 620-327-8261
Marlo Duerksen Vehicles 620-327-8183
Hanna Eastin Art faculty, Regier Friesen Gallery Manager 620-327-8309
Christina Ellis Nursing faculty 620-327-8140
Sheri Esau Advancement Assistant 620-327-8147
Jeremy Ewy Facilities Technician 620-327-8240
Marilyn Unruh Flaming Academic Assistant in the Nursing Department 620-327-8140
Janelle Flory Schrock Administrative Assistant 620-327-8127
Megan Fowler Athletic Trainer 620-327-8317
Chris Frantz Men's Golf Coach, Campus Activities Director, Larks Nest Manager 620-327-8302
Patti Friesen Cook 620-327-8178
Scott Friesen Resident Director 620-327-8180
Russ Gaeddert Student Success faculty, Service Learning Coordinator 620-327-8285
Dustin Galyon Men's Basketball Coach 620-327-8205
Verlene Garber Data Entry 620-327-8230
Jan Gattis Clerk 620-327-8105
Matt Gerlach Head Men's Soccer Coach
Tim Goering Buildings and Grounds 620-327-8184
Sheldon Goerzen Assistant Chief Flight Instructor 316-283-6161
Ruby Graber Nursing faculty 620-327-8137
Brad Guhr Education Coordinator 620-327-8127
Charlie Hansen Flight Instructor Intern 316-283-6161
Bob Harder Business/Computer Information Technology/Aviation faculty 620-327-8322
Dan Harrison Women's Basketball Coach, Social Sciences faculty 620-327-8159
Justin Heinzekehr Registrar 620-327-8204
Michele Hershberger Bible and Ministry faculty 620-327-8292
Deb Hiebert Administrative Assistant 620-327-8120
Heidi Hochstetler Director of the ACCESS Lab and the Writing Fellows Program, English faculty 620-327-8213
Rachel Horst Administrative Assistant 620-327-8178
Heather Hosford Nursing faculty 620-327-8258
Charles Hostetler Assistant Director of Admissions 620-327-8209
Kyle Howell Head Baseball Coach, Larks Nest Manager 620-327-8187
Joyce Huber Nursing faculty 620-327-8138
Jeff Jacobs Head Women's Basketball Coach
Debbie Jantz Payroll and Benefits Manager 620-327-8219
Rachel Jantzi Theatre and Communications faculty, Director of Theatre 620-327-8142
Marla Kauffman Nursing faculty 620-327-8140
Bryan Kehr Women's Soccer Coach, Intramurals Director, Physical Education faculty 620-327-8193
Howard Keim President 620-327-8233
Tami Keim Early Childhood Education faculty 620-327-8156
Marissa E. King Education and English faculty, Director of First-Year Experience 620-327-8226
Lori Kingsley Loan Collections Manager 620-327-8215
Cleo Koop Disaster Management faculty 620-327-8294
Carol Kratky Assistant Manager 620-327-8178
Joel Krehbiel Physics faculty 620-327-8310
Ken Kropf Flight Instructor 316-283-6161
DeeDee Landes Head Volleyball Coach
Mark Landes Vice President of Finance and Auxiliary Services 620-327-8217
Larisa Miller Lawrence Hesston College Preschool Director 620-327-8161
Meg Leatherman Visit Coordinator 620-327-8214
Julie Lehman Campus Counselor 620-327-8238
Peter Lehman English faculty 620-327-8257
Todd Lehman Campus Pastor 620-327-8237
Kush Lengacher Flight Instructor Intern 316-283-6161
David LeVan Business faculty, Dean of Assessment and Accreditation 620-327-8329
Karen Sheriff LeVan English faculty 620-327-8247
Cindy Loucks Administrative Assistant 620-327-8233
Mary Martin Copy Center Manager, IT Help Desk 620-327-8107
Becky Mason Cook 620-327-8178
Jim Mason Director of Campus Facilities 620-327-8121
Lindsey Mason Development Officer and Planned Giving Coordinator 419-344-5362
Kate Mast Admissions Counselor 620-327-8228
Rachel McMaster Director of Marketing and Communications 620-327-8185
Marcia Mendez Director of Financial Aid 620-327-8208
Bethany Miller Admissions Counselor 620-327-8242
Dan Miller Aviation Director 620-327-8315 (campus), 316-283-6161 (airport)
Duane Miller Nursing faculty 620-327-8259
Forrest Miller Grounds 620-327-8189
John Miller Special Services 620-327-8298
Rachel Swartzendruber Miller Vice President of Admissions 620-327-8206
Kyle Miller Hesed Biology faculty 620-327-8132
Marelby Mosquera Biology and Chemistry faculty 620-327-8256
Dan Muhwezi Sociology faculty 620-327-8323
Art Mullet Grounds
Stacey Mumaw Assistant Cook 620-327-8178
Krista Murray Office Manager 620-327-8223
Saralyn Murray ASL Interpreter 620-327-8247
Courtney Nethercot Bookstore Manager 620-327-8104
Russ Neufeld Director of Information Technology 620-327-8101
Gil Oliva System Administrator 620-327-8155
Dave Osborne Director of International Admissions 620-327-8133
Gary Oyer Director of Media and Instructional Technology Services, Communications faculty, Archivist 620-327-8243
John Pannabecker Prospect Research 620-327-8147
Rita Peters Nursing faculty 620-327-8224
Travis Pickerill Chief Flight Instructor 316-283-6161
Bruce Plank Art faculty 620-327-8164
Carlota Ponds Administrative Assistant 620-327-8109
Rob Ramseyer Vice President of Student Development and Athletic Director 620-327-8173
Cindy Reimer Cook 620-327-8178
Omar Reyes Admissions Counselor 620-327-8221
Connor Rockelman Flight Instructor 316-283-6161
Jean Smucker Rodgers Nursing faculty 620-327-8136
Ken Rodgers Music faculty 620-327-8145
Terena Ronan Cook 620-327-8178
Deb Roth Dean of Student Success 620-327-8239
Dori Roth Associate Director of Financial Aid 620-327-8220
LaMont Russell Graphic Designer 620-327-8116
Matthew Schloneger Music faculty 620-327-8144
Rebecca Schloneger Music faculty 620-327-8263
Elaine Schmidt Academic Assistant in the Science and Math and Bible and Ministry Departments 620-327-8130 or 620-327-8290
Andrea Schrag Communications Coordinator 620-327-8222
DaLonna Schroeder Academic Assistant in Athletics and Physical Education 620-327-8274
Gregg Schroeder Nursing faculty 620-327-8128
Kathy Schroeder Art faculty 620-327-8255
Andrew Sharp Sports Information Director, Softball Coach 620-327-8175
John Sharp History and Bible and Ministry faculty 620-327-8248
Joe Shugart Air Traffic Control - ATC Expert 316-283-6161
Gerry Sieber Cross Country Coach, Physical Education faculty 620-327-8172
Teresa Siemens Cook 620-327-8178
Kendal Slabach Flight Instructor 316-283-6161
Michael Smalley Admissions Counselor 620-327-8211
Bonnie Sowers Nursing Education Director 620-327-8148
Courtney Spitz Assistant Baseball Coach 620-327-8199
Katie Spitz Multimedia Project Manager 620-327-8115
Clay Stauffer Physical Education faculty 620-327-8260
Karla Stauffer Nursing faculty 620-327-8135
Tomomi Stevenson Cook 620-327-8178
Dallas Stutzman Director of Alumni and Church Relations 620-327-8110
Jasmine Stutzman Campus activities director 620-327-8302
Sharon Stutzman Cook 620-327-8178
André Swartley English faculty 620-327-8321
Kate Swartley Spanish faculty 620-327-8330
Stephanie Swartzendruber Resident Director 620-327-8160
Donovan Tann English faculty 620-327-8146
Angie Teeter Academic Assistant in Kropf Center 620-327-8320
Janet Thiessen Cook 620-327-8178
Randy Toews Environmental Services 620-327-8181
Adam Unruh Flight Instructor 316-283-6161
Karen Unruh Academic Assistant to Music and Theatre 620-327-8141
Melissa Unruh Director of Institutional Data 620-327-8124
Scott Vogt Director 620-327-8127
Phyllis Weaver Development Officer 620-327-8113
Brenda Wenger Administrative Assistant 620-327-8235
Leslie Wheeler Cook 620-327-8178
Margaret Wiebe Library Director 620-327-8245
Kevin Wilder Bible and Ministry and Psychology faculty 620-327-8331
Juli Winter Director of Campus Life 620-327-8236
Sharon Woodward Nursing faculty 620-327-8126
Brent Yoder Vice President of Academics 620-327-8231
Jim Yoder Chemistry faculty 620-327-8139
Joy Yoder Nursing faculty 620-327-8241
Heidi Zehr Resident Director 620-327-8170
Mike Zucconi Director of Development 620-327-8212
Bill Zuercher Volunteer Coordinator 620-327-8230