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The mission of the Bible and Ministry Department is to introduce students to the biblical narrative through an Anabaptist-Mennonite perspective, to nurture students in their spiritual formation and to equip students who are discerning a call to ministry. We will do this by offering courses that:

  • Satisfy General Education: Satisfy general education requirements, enabling students to articulate the interconnectedness of the biblical narrative, explore Anabaptist-Mennonite faith and values and reflect on one’s faith perspective as it relates to the global community.
  • Transfer: Provide students with the first two years of foundational, transferable credit in the areas of biblical studies, youth ministry and pastoral ministries.
  • Provide enrichment: Help students reflect on their spiritual formation and develop skills and understanding in these fields as a way of enriching their relationship with God, the church and the world.
  • Provide a professional foundation: Prepare students for employment in a ministry setting, either immediately or as a foundation for further education with the goal of ministry.

What can I do with a Bible or Youth Ministry degree?

A bachelor’s degree in Bible or youth ministry offers many wonderful career options. It opens the door for a pastorate or youth/associate pastorate or work in a person-related field such as camping ministry, counseling or the mission field. And Hesston is a wonderful place to begin your work toward that degree! If you are attracted to writing and teaching, you should consider curriculum writing and/or a career teaching Bible at a variety of educational levels. The sky is the limit!

When thinking about your future with an interest in Bible or Youth Ministry, you should keep in mind two important considerations—the inward call to a special ministry and an outward call from your congregation that validates God’s call on your life. At Hesston, we take this call from God and others seriously and will help you process what that call means for you.

How will the program transfer when I finish my Hesston studies?

The Bible and Ministry department at Hesston College has a wonderful reputation for preparing students to continue on in theological studies. The program, with the famous Bib Lit class as the cornerstone, gets great reviews from the other Mennonite colleges, where our program transfers easily into the upper levels. Every year, we receive notes from other professors expressing appreciation for the training their students received at Hesston.

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