This Is My Chin

Type: Mixer

Group Size: 10+ people, larger groups can be split into multiple groups.

Equipment: All one needs to play this game is a group of people.


  1. Everyone forms a circle.
  2. One person, “It”, is in the center of the circle.
  3. “It” points to someone in the circle.
  4. “It” then points to a body part but calls it another. (Example: Points to chin while saying, “This is my foot.”
  5. The person pointed to then does the opposite while “It” is counting to ten. (Example: Points to foot while saying, “This is my chin.”)
  6. If the person pointed to messes up or doesn’t do it before the person who is “It” counts to ten they become “It”.


  • One should slyly make it difficult for those in the circle to know who you are going to point to.
  • Make the time limit shorter (5 counts instead of ten).
  • Add more “Its”.
  • It is helpful to demonstrate a couple of times so that people get the hang of the game.


  • It works well to get people thinking early in the morning. It also is a way to mix people up.
  • You could use this with middle aged children such as those in middle school and up. You could use this in youth groups, at school, or for any other recreation type activity.