Bang, Bang Animal Game

Type: Ice Breaker

Group Size: 8+, (If more than 14 are playing, split up into two groups)

Equipment: Something soft to hit with (ex. Pillow, rolled up newspaper)


  • Everyone needs to be sitting in a circle about a foot apart from each other.
  • Going around the circle, everyone needs to choose the name of an animal. Each person needs to vocalize their animal loud enough for everyone to hear.
  • Ask for volunteers or choose someone to be in the middle as the first person to be “it”.
  • To start off the game, the person in the middle points to a person in the circle. This person must say the name of another animal in the group.
  • The person in the middle must hit the animal (the person who chose that animal) that was called before he/she says the name of another animal. Example (the first person pointed to says “penguin”, the “it” must try to swat the penguin before the penguin says another animal’s name.)
  • When directing to another animal, you cannot call on the animal that called you. You cannot call on the animal that is sitting directly on either side of you.
  • If an animal is unable to direct to another animal before getting hit, he/she takes over the middle position.
  • Restart the game by asking the previous middle man/woman to choose an animal.

After 10 minutes – or after everyone seems to have gotten the hang of it, SWITCH THINGS UP

  • Everyone sit in his or her original positions. (Including the person in the middle.)
  • Remind everyone what animal you are.
  • Take on the animal name of the person sitting directly to the left of you.
  • Go back around the circle and tell everyone what animal you are now.
  • Everyone get up and change to another spot in the circle. *Try to make a significant change in spots.


  • Try to remember everyone’s choice of character from the very beginning.
  • If someone has been in the middle for a long time, change them out.
  • Set guidelines as to how hard and where people should swat at each other.


  • Instead of using animals, use names – makes for a great get-to-know you game
  • Instead of a pillow or rolled up newspaper, you can also use small Nerf balls or Nerf guns.
  • Switching animal names really added a unique challenge to this activity.