Group Juggling

Type: Mixer

Group Size: 6-15 people

Equipment: 2-3 soft balls, or more if desired


  1. Form a circle with everyone facing inward.
  2. Have the group develop a sequence for passing the ball to each other.
  3. When making the sequence, no player should pass the ball to a person standing next to them
  4. Begin tossing the ball in the designated sequence.
  5. When the group is comfortable with the sequence add another ball.
  6. When the group is comfortable with two balls, add a third one.


  • time how long it takes to get the ball around the circle and encourage them to beat the time. Ask group for suggestions as to what they could do to improve their time.
  • Once the group has the ball throwing sequence under control try changing the circle a little bit, or make them do an action right after they catch or throw the ball.
  • If group members do not know each other, have them call the persons name out before they throw the ball to them.


  • It is a good group activity because everyone gets involved at some point. It doesn’t take a lot of physical activity and can be done for most age groups.

by or adapted by Jen LeFevre