Killer Wink

Type: Mixer

Group Size: 10-20 people

Equipment: Deck of Cards


  1. Give everyone one card. Have them sit in a circle.
  2. The person with the joker is the killer.
  3. Everyone looks around and tries to figure out whom the killer is.
  4. The killer winks at people to kill them.
  5. If the killer winks at you, wait a little, and then tell everyone that you are dead.
  6. Then you think you know who the killer is, say who and another player has to back you up.
  7. The person that you are convicting then tells you if they are or are not the killer.
  8. If they are the killer, the game is over, if not you keep playing until the killer is found or everyone is dead.


  • Once you have a good understanding, add another killer. The two killers cannot kill each other.


  • This was a good game for middle school and older, younger children this would not be a good game. It is hard for them to wink. It is also good in small spaces and to calm children down.