Type: Ice Breaker/Mixer

Group Size: 6-10

Equipment: None


  1. Form groups with at least 6 people and no more than 10.
  2. Have those people form a circle.
  3. Now everyone must join hands with someone across from them (but they can’t join both hands with the same person).
  4. Without letting go of each other’s hands, untangle yourselves so that you for a circle again.


  • After you join hands and before you start to untangle, have one person squeeze the hand in his/her right hand. Then have each person continue this down the line until the person that started it gets their hand squeezed. If not everyone got their hand squeezed then there is going to be more than one circle


  • If the groups are too large, split them into smaller groups of no more than 15 people.
  • Have the different groups race against one another to see who can untangle the fastest without letting go of hands.
  • This is a good game to find out who a leader is in a group, especially if there is a time limit.