I’ve Never

Type: Individual/ less active

Group Size: works best with 10 or more but can do with less.

Equipment: You need chairs for everyone, except for one


  1. Put chairs in big circle
  2. Everyone sit down, the person without a chair, stand in the middle.
  3. The person in the middle with say “I’ve never…” and say something that they have never done.
  4. The people sitting, after the person in the middle has said what they have never done, if the person(s) sitting have done it, they must get up and find a different chair while the person from the middle tries to sit in an open seat.There will be a new person in the middle.
  5. Repeat steps 3 and 4 for as long as you want to play the game.

Hints: Some people will go more then once. Be creative in what you haven’t done, you’d be surprised what others have done. You may need to suggest that appropriate responses be given. This game will make you laugh.