Rabbit, Elephant, Cow

Type: Mixer/Ice Breaker

Group Size: 10 plus, Groups larger than 20 could split into two separate groups

Equipment: None


  1. Have group stand in a circle, spaced about an arms length away from each other.
  2. Choose someone to be in the middle.
  3. The “it” is to walk near someone, point to them and say either “Rabbit”, “Elephant” or “Cow”.
  4. If they say Rabbit, the person they point to holds their hands up under their chin, one person on each side grabs on to person and taps their outside foot.
  5. If they say Elephant, the middle person raises their arm in front like an elephant trunk. One person on each side holds one arm up to their head and the other arm to their waist.
  6. If they say Cow, the middle person places their knuckles together with their thumbs pointing down to form an utter. One person on each side must grab a hold of one thumb and gently “milk” them.
  7. After the “it” person points and calls an animal name, they try to count to ten before the three people perform the action.
  8. The person who cannot perform the action becomes “it”.


  • Try to keep the “it” person moving. If they give the group too much time to think, the game becomes easier.
  • If the “it” person remains stationary (in the middle) it will keep the entire group on guard.


  • Best if this game is done standing, though it could be adapted to a sitting position.
  • The leader needs to be aware of how the game is going and cut it off while the game is still interesting.