Type: Non-competitive

Group Size: 7-14 people per group

Equipment: None (chairs to add comfort)


  1. Get into groups from 7-14 people.
  2. Everyone number off. (everyone should have a different #)
  3. Whoever is #1 is the leader.
  4. Using a four beat rhythm, count of saying “concentration are you ready, concentration lets begin.” (keep the beat by slapping both hands on lap as first beat, clapping for the second beat, and snapping fingers for the third and fourth beats)
  5. After the sound off the leader will call his number then another number on the snaps.
  6. The second number called responds by calling his number then another number on the next set of snaps.
  7. This continues until someone falls out of rhythm.
  8. The first person to mess up goes to the end of the line. (whenever someone moves the numbers change for everyone behind that person. For example, if number 7 messes up, they go to the end and become the last number. Everyone between 7 and the end goes up one number, 8 becomes 7, 9 becomes 8, and so on.)
  9. The leader can make the rhythm faster as he wants to throughout the game to make things more tough.
  10. This game can be played as long as interest remains.


  • Once the game is more familiar, don’t let those better at it start at a lower number.
  • The game works best with around 10 people.


  • Don’t let the group get too large.
  • Works well in small spaces.