Type: Mixer/Elimination

Group Size: 25 +, the larger the group the better. Works well with several hundred people

Equipment: None (unless you have a large group, then a sound system is needed). Helpful to have group within a boundary


  1. Instruct people to stay within boundary.
  2. When instructed to "mil", people should walk around and meet/greet one another.
  3. Leader eventually calls a number out, "Get in groups of #".
  4. Quickly, individuals should grab a hold of those around them, when they have the stated number, they grasp hands and sit down.
  5. Those who are not yet a part of a group can quickly get together and form a group.
  6. If the number left over cannot make up the number suggested they must exit the inside of the boundary and stand on the perimeter.
  7. This process continues until 1-2 people remain.


  • With large groups, occasionally call out larger numbers (i.e., upper teens and twenties).
  • It is helpful with larger groups, to have several spotters assisting within the boundary. They can help people find each other, help count people in groups, assist people who need to be eliminated.
  • By encouraging people to fill in all sides of the boundary, this game will end with the group in a circle providing a great transition into a large circle game.


  • This activity works well with several hundred people. A good leader and a great sound system are key. I have seen it successfully led with 1500 youth!

by or adapted by Jen LeFevre