Across the Great Divide

Type: Teamwork, cooperation, ice breaker

Group Size: 6+

Equipment: None


  1. Line up the group side by side, all facing the same direction.
  2. Instruct the players to position their feet so that the outside of each foot touches the outside of the foot of the person standing to either side.
  3. Explain the following scenario to the group:
  4. “Way back, when settlers arrived, they had to prove that they could work together and that they were worthy of land. In order to be given the deed to the land, the group had to move from one point to another without breaking contact.”
  5. The group then tries to move the designated distance while keeping their feet in contact, the group must return to the start and begin again.


  • If the group is advanced enough, blindfold some members of the group during the activity
  • Vary the distance that the group needs to move, depending on the group’s ability and its prior experience with cooperative games.


  • Younger children would find it hard to accomplish this game.
  • Recommend not using it for large group actives, because if you make it into a relay game you need someone to watch every line to make sure they don’t come apart