Human Twister

Type: ice breaker or mixer

Group Size: Preferably six or more but can be played with three people

Equipment: Two or four dice, Six note cards for each person


  1. Divide into groups of preferably six. (can play with only one group)
  2. Each group numbers off one through six. If there is not six in a group then give someone in that group two numbers.
  3. Assign six body parts numbers.
  4. Role two dice-the first one is the player number the second is the body part number. Role two more dice or the same dice again to establish another player and body part.
  5. The two players press body parts against each other, each placing a note card in between (player six’s knee to player two’s nose)
  6. Continue rolling dice adding to the human twist-up following basic twister rules.
  7. The group to stay together the longest with out dropping any cards wins.


Possible body parts:
1 = foot

2 = knee

3 = hip
4 = elbow
5 = hand
6 = nose

Key one die for the numbers. Label the other die with the corresponding body parts.


  • Get everyone involved from the beginning by calling out everyone’s number once before repeating a number.
  • For groups bigger then six ,doubling up numbers with in a group would also work. (two ones, two twos, etc.)
  • Have a time limit for the groupsto join up after calling out body part combination.