Squeeze Play

Type: Group/Mixer

Group Size: the more people you have the better–Max. number in a group 15-20

Equipment: one coin and cup


  1. Divide into two even teams, get in two straight lines with your back to the opposite team, link arms with your team and sit on the floor.
  2. Place the cup at one end of the two lines and another person at the other end holding the coin.
  3. The person at the end flips the coin.
  4. The person from each team closest to the coin checks if it is heads or tails.
  5. If it is heads, that person starts the squeeze creating a chain reaction.
  6. The person from each team that is closest to the cup tries to beat the other team to the cup when they feel the squeeze.
  7. The person at the end of the line, opposite the coin flipper that grabs the cup first, wins.
  8. After a team has won 3 in a row they may rotate positions in the line.
    xxxxxxxxxx          O = cup
    O                    C           C = coin flipper
    xxxxxxxxxx           x = individual players


  • To create a more competitive environment, set a number of points each team should get. Example 10pts. Each correct possession of the cup is worth 1 pt. Incorrect is -1pt.
  • Be sure to wait prior to flipping the coin, in case a false chain reaction occurs.
  • Make sure cup is in a safe place to retrieve to decrease risk of injury.
  • A larger amount of people could comprise multiple teams.  Play in a round robin format.


  • Place cup farther away from the end of the line so as to create more competition to the cup.
  • Have everyone close their eyes so you have to focus more on your sense of touch.

by or adapted by Jen LeFevre