Ultimate Frisbee

TYPE: Small Group

EQUIPMENT: One Frisbee and a Clear Playing Field


  1. Divide group into two teams (4-10 on a side)
  2. Have each team line up at their end line
  3. Have one team “kick off” by throwing the Frisbee
  4. When the opposing team receives the Frisbee, they work to advance it over the other team’s end line. This is done by throwing the Frisbee only.
  5. Possession continues until the advancing team:
    • Drops the Frisbee, or
    • The defending team knocks the Frisbee to the ground (in flight)
    • Or a team member catches the Frisbee across the end line (resulting in a point)
  6. No physical contact is allowed.
  7. Guarding may occur, but at an arms length
  8. The Frisbee may not be knocked out of an opponents hand.


  • Depending on the make up and skill abilities of the group, one could require the Frisbee to be thrown on a team from guy to girl.
  • Instead of an endline, create different goals.
    • Example 1: Mark off a small box with cones. The advancing team must throw the Frisbee to one of their players who is positioned in the box. No opposing players may enter the box, however, they can knock down or intercept throws to the box.
    • Example 2: Use a small or large soccer goal. Players must throw the Frisbee into the goal. (They would not be allowed to throw into the goal from point blank).


  • Younger kids may have greater success with a nerf soccer ball instead of a Frisbee.
  • Depending on the competitiveness of the group, it may be helpful to have a referee.