Type: Active

Group Size: 10-30


  1. 8-10 small cones
  2. dodge balls


  1. Set up the playing area like a dodge ball court with the following variations
    a. An end line behind each team
    b. The 4 or 5 small cones spread around on each side
  2. To win the game team A must knock all the castles (cones) of team B
  3. If someone on team A is hit with a ball that player must go to jail (jail is behind the end line of team B)
  4. If you are in jail you can still participate in the game. If a ball is thrown over team B you can use it to knock over cones.  
  5. To get out of jail you must either knock over a cone, or send a player from team B to jail.
  6. You may block balls from hitting the cones, but if you are hit you must go to jail.
  7. You may not block balls with other balls or you must go to jail.
  8. If you catch a ball, the thrower must go to jail.
  9. If a cone is accidentally kicked over, it stays down and may not be set back up.

Hints: You may want to increase the number of cones, balls, or the size of the court depending on age group, or number of participants.

Critique: Game went well.  It was good to have a dodge-ball type game that too the emphasis off of hitting other people and focusing it on hitting cones instead. Playing it with college kids we might have wanted to have a bigger playing area, and maybe more cones.