Type: Individual/ Active

Group Size: more then 10 to 15 would work best.

Equipment: a field or gym with a half court line.


  1. Everyone lines up in the middle of the field, on the half court
    line, or mid-field. They all face one way.
  2. You will have a leader, or a person to yell instructions. Listen
    to them
  3. If the leader calls out “Army”, everyone runs to the left. If he/she calls “Navy”, they all run to the right. If he/she calls “hit the deck”, you must fall to the ground and not get up till he/she says “all clear.” The leader may also try and trick the players and call army or navy after calling hit the deck but before saying all clear. The leader may also call “Midway” and the players  have to get the center.
  4. You are out if you are the last person to either the army or the navy side. You are also out if you get up after the leader calls hit the deck and you are either last to get down or you get up before he/she calls all clear.
  5. Game is over as soon as either everyone is extremely tired, or there is one person left. That person is then the leader, and you repeat steps 3 and 4 again.


  • The players need to pay attention to what the leader calls out.
  • Leaders need to yell commands in a full voice.
  • Depending on the fitness and age of participants, lengthen or shorten the distance they need to run.