Octopus Tag

Type: Large Group

Group Size: More than 7 people (works well with large numbers)

Equipment: None


  1. One member of the group is selected to be the lead Octopus. Boundaries should be selected depending on the group size allowing everybody to run from one end to another without running into each other.
  2. Everybody else in the group except for the lead octopus lines up side by side along one of the end lines.
  3. The lead octopus stands in the center of the playing area and starts the game by yelling “go”?
  4. After the leader yells “go”, everybody has to start running from one end line to other trying to avoid being tagged.
  5. The leader attempts to tag as many people as possible before they reach the end line.
  6. If the leader tags a person before they make it to the end line the must freeze where they were tagged.
  7. Everybody who made it to the end line safely without being tagged is still in the game.
  8. The process repeats itself allowing the people who were tagged to tag other people from their place on the playing area.
  9. The game continues until there is one person left or until everyone gets tagged.


  • Choose appropriate boundaries according to the number of people participating in the game. You want to have enough room to allow people to run from one end to the other without running into other.
  • Choose the leader who is fairly fast and athletic to speed up the game and to make it more interesting and challenging.
  • Direct everyone to run in the same direction. Wait to begin the next “run” until everyone reaches the same end line (safety).


  • This game provides a great way to release energy in a controlled setting.
  • Probably best suited for grade school, middle school age and possibly high school age students.