The Blob

Type: Mixer

Group Size: 15 +, works best with large groups

Equipment: None needed except for area with a marked boundary (square or rectangular).


  1. Choose two people to be “it”. They two should stand in the middle of the playing area.
  2. Everyone else runs around the area trying to avoid from being caught.
  3. The two that are “it” hold hands and move to catch people between them in their arms. They cannot simply tag them with their outside arms.
  4. When caught, people join the blob by holding the others hands and they continue to work to capture people.
  5. The Blob will continue to get bigger and will need to strategize it’s movement.


  • For large groups, this game will be better served if it is play outdoors.
  • Depending on abilities of group, this game can be played walking instead of running. If played indoors, fast walking may be a safer option.


  • Adjust the playing field to meet the needs of your group size.