Type: Group/Active

Group Size: At least 4 people


  • 2 Trash cans (like yard trash cans work the best).
  • Playground ball (also known as a dodge ball).


  1. Divide the group into two teams, and place a trash can at each end of the playing field, and then go to your side of the field.
  2. Then decide who gets the ball first.
  3. You can not run with the ball. You catch it, stop, and throw it to another teammate. It is kind of like Ultimate Frisbee.
  4. To score you must get the ball in your basket, or trash can.
  5. You win by making the most baskets.

Hints: Game can get rough, watch out for flying elbows. Best played outside or in a gym with a  high ceiling.

Critique: Play by ultimate Frisbee rules. More than just two trash cans; maybe have two at each end. Have more then one ball.
Pretty good game.