Type: Physical/Thinking Game

Group Size: Large Group

Equipment: No equipment needed.  Can be played
on either grass, a large gym floor, or a large inside space.


  1. Define a “port” line and a “stern” line on opposite ends of the field/gym. 
  2. If the leader yells “stern” the group runs to the “stern” line, when “port” is yelled, group runs to “port” line. 
  3. When an action is yelled, the group acts them out. After each action, the last person or persons to perform it are out.  
  4. Suggested actions (make up an action to go with each one):
    Captain’s coming (salute)
    Seasick (throwing up over the edge of the boat)
    Man overboard  (pretending to toss a life preserver)
    Three men in a boat (grab three people and huddle together)
    Swab the poop deck (mopping actions)
    Hit the deck (quickly get down on the ground in a face down position

Hints: Pay attention to leader. Be able to recognize actions by name quickly. Perhaps run through each of them several times before beginning the elimination portion of the game.  Use fewer actions with younger kids until they learn them – then add more actions.

Critique: Make up more actions. Play it outside on grass. Make “port” and “stern” lines farther apart depending on fitness levels and group size.