Philadelphia Kickball

Type: Active

Group Size: 12-14 People

Equipment: 2 Cones, 3 bases, and a kickball.


  1. Even the teams out so that each team has the same amount of players.
  2. The rules are similar to kickball but instead we have cones to get people out.
  3. Set up the two cones about 10 to 15 feet apart for the home plate. The other bases are in regular position as if it was baseball.
  4. Once ball is kicked and in play, the only way you can get someone out is by either throwing it at them and hitting them from the neck and down or by catching it before it hits the ground.
  5. The other way of getting multiple base runners out at one time is by throwing the ball between the two cones before any of the base runners reach their base that they are running to.
  6. Only three outs per inning and keep score.


  • Be smart in your attempts to run at a base.


  1. Be aware of the footwear that the participants are wearing.
  2. Maybe have more outs in an inning.
  3. Be aware of surroundings such as hanging lights if you are playing in a gym.