TP Ball

Type: Large Group Active

Group Size: 10-20 people

Equipment: Kickball Diamond (bases), Rolls of Toilet Paper (average 1 roll per inning), A wooden or metal bat

Instructions: This game is a combination of Baseball, Kickball and “TP-ing”

  1. Split the Group into 2 teams
  2. One team takes the field and the other is up to bat
  3. The Pitcher tosses the roll of TP underhand to the batter
  4. The batter after making contact begins to run the bases
  5. Runners work their way around the Diamond trying to get to home plate before getting out or the end of the inning
  6. Teams switch after 3 outs or after everyone has hit (depends on group)
  7. To get outs
    • Throw the TP at the base runner hitting them below the shoulders
    • Forced out
    • Strike out
    • TP caught in air of the hit
  8. Play 7 innings or what time allows for


  • Depending on skill of players you may want to have a designated pitcher
  • Keep Base lines clear of toilet paper
  • Depending on size of the group, batting team may need to provide catcher.
  • Count off for teams of 4 or 6 so teams are random (1,3,4 vs. 2,5,6)
  • Size of diamond can change according to players (longer or shorter distance between bases)
  • Have everyone help clean up the TP


  • It’s fun to watch and play because the of streaming TP
  • The second team at bat always gets a smaller roll. Fist inning for both teams use a new roll and second inning use the started rolls.
  • The smaller the teams the more involved everyone is.