Type: Line Game, Small/Large Group Game

Group Size: 20+ This game can work with several hundred people. One helper/sponsor per group helpful.

Equipment: Cones, Speaker system if using a large group, Water balloons, Buckets


  1. Place cones in parallel lines 20 – 40 yards apart. Larger groups need the further distance while smaller groups move the shorter distance.
  2. Place people in single file lines consisting of 10 to 25+ people. The first person in line should have their toe up to the line.
  3. Place a bucket of 5-10 water balloons next to the first person in line.
  4. On “go”, the first person picks up a water balloon and places it above their head. The second person in line grabs the water balloon and passes it to the third person, passing it under their legs. The balloon continues to travel to the end of the caterpillar by traveling over one person, then under the next.
  5. The first person in line immediately picks up another water balloon and begins the process again. This continues until all the water balloons from the bucket are in use.
  6. When the first balloon reaches the end of the caterpillar. The last person grabs the water balloon and runs (with the water balloon) to the front of the caterpillar, becoming the new “head” of the caterpillar. They begin the process of moving the water balloon by holding the balloon above their head. As each “tail” of the caterpillar receives a balloon they run to the front, become the “head” and begin the process.
  7. As this process occurs, the caterpillar will slowly inch forward toward the finish line.
  8. The first team to completely inch all the way across the finish line is the winner.


  • Instruct that each new “head” must stand directly in front of the old “head”. Otherwise they will risk losing their water balloons (it also keeps the game fair).
  • Instruct that the team with the most water balloons intact with move faster.


  • It works best to have a team sponsor for each group. This person holds the bucket so it does not become a tripping hazard. They can also ensure that each new “head” is positioned directly in front of the old “head”.
  • One can use other items to pass down the line.
    • Pass whip cream on a plate over and under.
    • The last person in line take a pie in the face, then takes their plate up to the “head” of the line.
    • The helper could spray more whip cream on the plate and they could begin again.
  • This is a fun game for spectators to watch from a horizontal view!

by or adapted by Jen LeFevre