Gator Ball

Type: active

Group Size 10-30


  1. 2 large cones
  2. 2 basketballs
  3. 1 soccer ball


  1. This game is best if played on a basketball court
  2. To set up the game place a large cone in each of the basketball “lanes”
  3. On top of the cone you want to balance a basketball
  4. To score a point one team must knock the basketball off of the cone using the soccer ball
  5. The game is started with a “drop kick” in the center of the court
  6. Only one goalie is allowed in the lane
  7. The game is played like soccer
  8. However, if the ball is kicked up into the air it can be caught with the hands and then it is played like ultimate Frisbee where it can be thrown, but the person with the ball can not run or walk, but must stand in one place.
  9. If the ball hits the floor, it must be played with the feet until it is kicked up into the air and caught again.
  10. Players may go anywhere in the gym, except for in the lane.

Hints: You may want to put more than one basketball in each lane to make the game go faster. Also, putting more than one soccer ball in play at a time would speed up the game if you had a larger group.

Critique: This game went well, however it does involve a lot of running so it is not recommended if you need to smell great following the game.