Are you considering a career in engineering? At Hesston College you will receive the personal attention and solid academic preparation that will take you where you want to go.

How will Hesston College prepare me for future studies?

Hesston College offers an associate of science degree, a program that provides the opportunity to transfer into a university engineering program of your choice. The associate of science degree is especially designed to fulfill the primary sequence of courses required for subsequent upper-level engineering programs of study.

There are many fields of engineering to choose from after Hesston College. These include the following engineering fields:

  • architectural
  • agricultural
  • aerospace
  • biomedical
  • chemical
  • civil
  • computer
  • electrical
  • environmental
  • industrial
  • mechanical
  • nuclear
  • petroleum

After Hesston College, you can choose to transfer to a university that provides the accredited program of study for the engineering field of your interest.

What courses will I take at Hesston College?

As a pre-engineering student, you will take the normal pre-engineering sequence which includes a number of science and math classes that provide the basics to transfer. These include two semesters of chemistry, two semesters of physics, three semesters of Calculus, Differential Equations and Engineering Statics.
The recommended pre-engineering program of study can be adjusted for the specific requirements related to your engineering field.

Hesston College allowed me to gain a firm foundation for my general education requirements that I needed at the University of Oklahoma. The classes at the university, although still challenging, were better comprehended because of the emphasis on excelling in academics that the atmosphere of the campus and the faculty of Hesston College maintained. It was an assuring thought to go into the School of Engineering knowing that I had the groundwork needed to begin my course-specific work in the area of Mechanical Engineering.          -Ezra Zoschke '02

Why should I choose Hesston College?

Class sizes at Hesston College are generally smaller than at large universities. Instructors pay attention to you and to your education. They are available to work with you individually, helping you to achieve your educational goals.

Hesston College has well-equipped science laboratories including wireless, computerized data gathering equipment in the physics lab. Computer programs, including Mathematica, allow you to graph and analyze your data electronically and see the data online.

But you’ll do more than learn in the classroom. Hesston College cares about you, the student, providing opportunities that nurture your spiritual, cultural and interpersonal growth, opportunities that prepare you to live in today’s and tomorrow’s world.

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