Engineering Technology - Mechanical

Engineering Technology programs focus on application and practice with a balance of theory and laboratory experience. Engineering technology graduates are often considered “implementers” and apply their knowledge and practices to the solution of specific technical and standard design problems.

Mechanical Engineering Technology jobs include:

  • mechanical engineers
  • design engineers
  • manufacturing engineers
  • operations and maintenance engineers
  • sales engineers
  • engineering technicians
  • engineering associates
  • production assistants
  • operations and maintenance associates
  • technical sales associates

Mechanical engineering technology prepares students for a broad range of technical positions with an emphasis on the practical application of engineering principles to actual industrial problems.

The mechanical engineering technology program provides students with a strong foundation in applied engineering, science, mathematics, communications, humanities, social sciences and business. The program is designed to meet the diverse needs of the local, national and global industry workforce. Mechanical engineering technology concepts are used in a multitude of industries and are directly applied to product design and manufacturing.

How will Hesston College prepare me for future studies?

Hesston College offers an associate of science degree, a program providing the opportunity to transfer into a university engineering technology program of your choice. The associate of science degree is especially designed to fulfill the primary sequence of courses required for subsequent upper-level engineering programs of study.

After Hesston College, you can choose to transfer to a university that provides the accredited program of study for the engineering technology field of your interest. Technology programs are accredited by ABET (Accreditation Board for Engineering and Technology).

What courses will I take at Hesston College?

For mechanical engineering technology, you will take an engineering technology sequence which includes a number of science and math classes that provide the basics to transfer. These include one semester of chemistry, two semesters of physics and two semesters of calculus.

The recommended mechanical engineering technology program of study can be adjusted depending on the requirements for transfer to another institution.

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