Engineering Technology - Mechanical

What is mechanical engineering technology?

Mechanical engineering technology prepares students for a broad range of technical positions with an emphasis on the practical application of engineering principles to actual industrial problems. Mechanical engineering technology concepts are used in a multitude of industries and are directly applied to product design and manufacturing.

Success factors

Students that love to build systems and learn with their hands are a good fit for this program of study. These students should have an aptitude for mathematical and an attention to detail.

Career possibilities

  • Research and development
  • Product design
  • Manufacturing
  • Energy
  • Acoustics
  • Vehicle engineering
  • Thermal systems
“An important aspect that drew me to Hesston was the one-on-one attention that students receive. I am in a tough field of study and was looking for a college that has a good student to instructor ratio. Classes at Hesston are fun because instructors are enthusiastic in the classroom and obviously love what they do. My academic experience at Hesston made me more passionate about my major.” — Sarah Hostetler, class of 2015, chemical engineering student at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln

Majoring in mechanical engineering technology

  • At Hesston College, engineering is greater than just class work. Students learn the design principles necessary to succed in the field. Students have helped build solar ovens and robots, and improved efficiency of the college.
  • Hesston College has well-equipped science laboratories including wireless, computerized data gathering equipment in the physics lab. Computer programs, including Mathematica, allow you to graph and analyze your data electronically and see the data online.

Mechanical engineering technology curriculum

The mechanical engineering technology program provides students with a strong foundation in applied engineering, science, mathematics, communications, humanities, social sciences and business. The program is designed to meet the diverse needs of the local, national and global industry workforce. Academic advisors work one-on-one with students to ensure requirements are met for a seamless transition to continuing education and professional careers.

Sample curriculum – associate degree in mechanical engineering technology

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