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also Special Education

Fulfill your dream of becoming an educator or develop your passion for working with young people by exploring the education department at Hesston College. Your Hesston education will provide you with the strong foundation that you will need for upper-level studies in Secondary Education.

Why begin my teacher education journey at Hesston College?

  • Hesston College instructors focus their efforts on the development of first and second year education students.
  • Through engaging class sessions, you will gain a thorough understanding of the current world of education as you, for the first time, view school through a teacher’s eyes.
  • The Hesston community warmly welcomes education students to participate in classroom observation, reading tutoring and after school programs.
  • Surrounding school districts of Newton and Wichita provide more diverse settings for observation and field trips.

“Majoring in secondary education at Hesston College allowed me to explore a couple of different content areas during my two years. I was placed in a real classroom to observe and even teach a lesson in my first year of college. Hesston prepared me for the tangibles of teaching like content knowledge, learning styles and teaching strategies. What was so valuable for me were the intangibles of teaching that I acquired: work ethic, patience, empathy and caring for students are values that will shape my teaching more than any lecture ever would. Hesston did that.”

- Alex Roth, Class of 2011

How will a two-year school provide the basis for a bachelor teaching degree?

  • Your Hesston academic advisor will guide you into the specific liberal arts courses that you will need for licensure at your chosen transfer institution.
  • Prepare for your upper level teacher education program by taking the first education courses at Hesston – Introduction to Education, Education Field Experience and Exceptional Students.
  • Take the opportunity to establish a well-rounded foundation by exploring related interests such as early childhood education (with the on-campus lab school), Spanish, art, music...and other interests.

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