Hesston College has a long tradition of academic excellence. Professors bring state-of-the-art technology, real life experiences, and passion for their discipline in order to make their classrooms come alive each day.

Also see the complete list of faculty by program or visit the employee directory for a list of all faculty and staff.

Russell Adrian Music faculty 620-327-8143
Vickie Andres Business faculty 620-327-8324
Becky Bartell Nursing faculty, division chair for professional programs, nursing curriculum coordinator 620-327-8129
Jeff Baumgartner Mathematics faculty 620-327-8131
Amy Birdsell 141 Chief Instructor-instrument rating; 141 Assistant Chief Instructor-private and commercial 316-283-6161
Angie Brockmueller Registrar 620-327-8204
Kendra Burkey Communication faculty 620-327-8325
CJ Byler Sociology faculty 316-217-2579
Hanna Eastin Art faculty, Regier Friesen Gallery Manager 620-327-8309
Maureen Entz Nursing faculty 620-327-8140
Bob Harder Business/Computer Information Technology/Aviation faculty 620-327-8322
Michele Hershberger Bible and Ministry faculty 620-327-8292
Heidi Hochstetler Director of the ACCESS Lab and Co-director of the Writing Fellows program, Education faculty 620-327-8213
Heather Hosford Nursing faculty 620-327-8258
Rachel Jantzi Theatre and Communication faculty, Director of Theatre 620-327-8142
Marla Kauffman Nursing faculty 620-327-8140
Bryan Kehr Women's Soccer Coach, Intramurals Director, Physical Education faculty 620-327-8193
Tami Keim Early Childhood Education faculty 620-327-8156
Cleo Koop Disaster Management and social sciences faculty 620-327-8294
Joel Krehbiel Physics faculty 620-327-8310
Larisa Miller Lawrence Hesston College Preschool Director 620-327-8161
Peter Lehman English faculty, Co-director of the Writing Fellows program 620-327-8257
David LeVan Business faculty, Dean of Assessment and Accreditation 620-327-8329
Karen Sheriff LeVan English faculty 620-327-8247
Duane Miller Nursing faculty 620-327-8259
Paula Miller Nutrition faculty 620-327-8247
Kyle Miller Hesed Biology faculty 620-327-8132
Marelby Mosquera Biology and Chemistry faculty 620-327-8256
Dan Muhwezi Sociology faculty 620-327-8323
Gary Oyer Director of Media and Instructional Technology Services, Communication faculty, Archivist 620-327-8243
Rita Peters Nursing faculty 620-327-8224
Travis Pickerill Chief Flight Instructor 316-283-6161
Bruce Plank Art faculty 620-327-8164
Jean Smucker Rodgers Nursing faculty 620-327-8136
Ken Rodgers Music faculty 620-327-8145
Deb Roth Dean of Student Success 620-327-8239
Matthew Schloneger Music faculty 620-327-8144
Rebecca Schloneger Music faculty 620-327-8263
Gregg Schroeder Nursing faculty, simulation laboratory coordinator/instructor 620-327-8128
Kathy Schroeder Art faculty 620-327-8255
John Sharp Bible and Ministry faculty 620-327-8248
Bonnie Sowers Nursing Education Director, Department of Nursing Chair 620-327-8148
Clay Stauffer Physical Education faculty 620-327-8260
Karla Stauffer Nursing faculty 620-327-8135
André Swartley English faculty 620-327-8321
Kate Swartley Spanish faculty 620-327-8330
Donovan Tann English faculty 620-327-8146
Lyndel Walker Nursing faculty 620-327-8138
Richard Walker Political Science faculty 620-327-8329
Margaret Wiebe Library Director 620-327-8245
Kevin Wilder Bible and Ministry and Psychology faculty 620-327-8331
Sharon Woodward Nursing faculty 620-327-8126
Brent Yoder Vice President of Academics 620-327-8231
Jim Yoder Chemistry faculty 620-327-8139
Joy Yoder Nursing faculty 620-327-8241