Student profile – Jessica Stallings ’14

Jessica Stallings
Jessica Stallings

Why did you decide to study nursing at Hesston College?

Nursing is something I always wanted to do. I don’t remember much from my mom’s time at Hesston, but growing up I always knew that she really liked the college and the nursing program. When I began thinking about college, Hesston was the obvious choice. I didn’t even visit anywhere else.

What are your career goals?

I want to be an obstetrics nurse. I had the opportunity to be in the delivery room when one of my cousins was born and I thought it was really cool.

What are some highlights from your time at Hesston so far?

I enjoy hanging out with friends in the mod. I got close with a group of girls who took Anatomy and Physiology with me. We spent a lot of time together first semester studying, doing homework, working on labs and just hanging out.

Who has been an influence on you?

Hugo Boschmann’s classes are incredibly challenging, but he is funny and knows how to make even difficult material fun and class enjoyable. My RA, Sarah Unruh ’12 and Courtney Mast ’12, who I got to know through Anatomy and Physiology, have been a great encouragement to me even through the difficult classes.

What do you like most about Hesston?

I like how everyone is so friendly. It’s so easy to hang out with people even if you don’t know them that well. I like being able to walk into class, know everyone there and actually have relationships with faculty. That’s rare for many colleges.