Partners Ponder: Why I am a Hesston College Partner

Members of the Jim and Belle Boyts family pose for a family photo following the Howard Hustle during Thanksgiving 2011.

Generations of Giving

Belle (Stoltzfus) Ac52 Boyts
Belle (Stoltzfus) Ac52 Boyts
by Belle (Stoltzfus) Ac52 Boyts

With 15 members of the Boyts family being Hesston College alumni, the college is special to our family. The family history with the college began with Jim Ac51, ’53 (deceased) and me as students. Hesston is where we dated and then married in 1952.

I grew up in South Texas in a very small church with no youth group, so attending Hesston helped me grow in my faith and made my world bigger. I made friends from all over, and our shared Hesston Experience means we can laugh at things no one else finds funny.

In the spring of 1969, we were living in Elkhart, Ind., when the college asked Jim to come help out as Special Assistant to the President for financial affairs. He served in this role for four years before we returned to Indiana.

Two of our four children attended Hesston – Pam (Boyts) ’73 Gerber and Diana (Boyts) ’81 Young – where they played volleyball and basketball. Seven of our 14 grandchildren also attended Hesston where many of them were athletes, playing basketball, volleyball, softball, baseball and soccer.

Since we moved back to Hesston in 2002, everyone wants to come here for the holidays – especially Thanksgiving – so they can be a part of the activities on campus. As a family we visit cousins in the dorms, attend ball games, plays and concerts and our big event, the Howard Hustle. Nearly the whole family participates in the Howard Hustle each year. If someone questions going, they are told, “Get your shoes on, we are leaving.”

We began giving to the Partner Program because it is a good way to help students. We believe in the youth of today. Giving to the college is a way to remain a part of the community and keep in touch with the college. Seeing the students can bring tears to my eyes – they are so exciting.

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Partner Program

Hesston College depends on alumni, friends and the church to support the costs of educating students. The Hesston College Partner program is made up of individuals who make ongoing annual contributions to the Hesston College Annual Fund to provide institutional scholarships and grants as financial aid for students.

About 750 individuals from 36 states and three countries are Hesston College Partners. On average, a student receives more than $8,000 in institutional aid from the Annual Fund each year. About 80 percent of the total Annual Fund amount comes from Partner contributions.

Partnership with Hesston College can happen at different giving levels.

  • Associate Partner – $41.67 to $83.25 per month ($500 to $999 annually)
  • Founding Partner – $83.33 to $166.58 per month ($1,000 to $1,999 annually)
  • Sustaining Partner – $166.67 to $416.58 per month ($2,000 to $4,999 annually)
  • President’s Partner – $833.33 and more per month ($10,000 and more annually)

To find out more about the Partner Program, visit or call the Development Office toll free at 866-437-7866.