Chatter in the nest

Mariah Martin, Leah Unruh, Courtney Unruh
Mariah Martin, Leah Unruh, Courtney Unruh

What are your favorite memories from your time at Hesston?

Mariah Martin ’13, Glenwood Springs, Colo.; Courtney Unruh ’13, Hesston, Kan.; Leah Unruh ’13, Whitewater, Kan.
Go everywhere: Goshen (Ind.) College

Martin, Unruh and Unruh – Watching sunsets at the maintenance building, falling down laughing, watching How I Met Your Mother in the bump out lounge, shopping at the Etc. Shop, cheesy muffins from the cafeteria, baseball games, sneaking into the cafeteria, spending the night in the library and on the soccer field.

Victoria Gunawan, Jeptha Miller, Kaci Diener, Armond Patterson
Victoria Gunawan, Jeptha Miller, Kaci Diener, Armond Patterson

Describe your Hesston Experience.

Victoria Gunawan ’14, Semarang, Central Java, Indonesia; Jeptha Miller ’13, Millersburg, Ohio; Kaci Diener ’13, Harrisonville, Mo.; Armond Patterson ’13, Indianapolis, Ind.
Go everywhere: Hesston for one more semester, then undecided (Gunawan); Goshen (Ind.) College (Miller); still deciding (Diener); University of St. Francis (Fort Wayne, Ind.)(Patterson)

Gunawan – I didn’t expect Hesston to be so welcoming and everyone to be so nice but I really appreciate it. The instructors are so approachable and even extend an invitation to come drop by their offices any time.

Miller – Through being at Hesston and classes like Bib. Lit. and Anabaptist History and Thought, I have been fortunate to learn about my Anabaptist history and heritage.

Diener – Hesston has been the best two years of my life by far. I have grown spiritually and made a lot of lasting relationships. I will really miss the people here and how easy it is to talk with anyone.

Patterson – I like Hesston’s diversity, small size, how everyone communicates with one another and the way students and instructors are able to interact. Hesston is a great place to start. I would absolutely send a student here.

Pierre Zook, Destavis Davis
Pierre Zook, Destavis Davis

Who was your favorite instructor?

Pierre Zook ’13, McMinnville, Ore.; Destavia Davis ’13, Nacogdoches, Texas
Go everywhere: Biola University (La Mirada, Calif.)(Zook); Southern Arkansas University (Magnolia)(Davis)

Zook – Jim Yoder was my favorite instructor because he took the time to get to know me. He was helpful in his class instruction and encouraged me in class, giving me the opportunity to do well.

Davis – I enjoyed Kevin Wilder’s classes because of his high energy and the way he keeps his students engaged.