Are you considering a career in medicine or a related field? Perhaps you are intrigued with the living world and want to prepare for one of the many careers available in biology. At Hesston College you will receive the personal attention and solid academic preparation that will take you where you want to go.

How will Hesston College prepare me for future studies?

Hesston College offers an associate of science degree, a degree program that ensures ease of transfer into the four-year college or university biology program of your choice. The associate of science degree is especially designed to fulfill the primary sequence of courses required for subsequent upper-level biology courses.

Programs of study are designed to prepare you for a number of career paths in biology:

  • medicine
  • physical therapy
  • medical technology
  • veterinary medicine
  • physician's assistant
  • pharmacy
  • environmental science
  • veterinary technology
  • dentistry
  • biology

What courses will I take?

As a biology major, you can choose biology courses from the following offerings: Cell Biology, Environmental Science, Botany, Zoology, Anatomy and Physiology and Microbiology. Take a minute to review the biology program of study for the associate of science degree at Hesston College.

As a Hesston College biology major, you have opportunities to serve as a tutor and department assistant, privileges normally reserved for upperclassmen at most schools.

“The professors in Hesston College's Biology department possess a passion for teaching, their subject matter and research that's contagious! Not only did I leave Hesston with strong research and study skills but with an excitement to be an inquisitive student of the natural world and with mentors that I could look to for life. Hesston's Biology department also does an excellent job of preparing its students to continue in the sciences at a four-year university.          –Wendy Wenger Hochstetler, '97

Why should I choose Hesston College?

Hesston College is a two-year liberal arts college located in south central Kansas. With a student-faculty ratio of 10:1, classes are generally small. Instructors pay attention to you and to your education. They are available to work with you individually, helping you to achieve your educational goals.

At Hesston, we strive to make a college education affordable for every student. Ninety-eight percent of the student population receives some form of financial aid. Scholarships are awarded based on high school academic performance and ACT/SAT scores. Federal financial aid and some Hesston College grants are awarded on the basis of need.

But you’ll do more than learn in the classroom. Hesston College cares about you, the student, providing opportunities that nurture your spiritual, cultural and interpersonal growth, opportunities that prepare you to live in today’s and tomorrow’s world.

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