Pre-Medicine (also pre-dentistry, pre-pharmacy and pre-veterinary medicine)

(A.S. degree)

First Year Fall Program courses
General Chemistry I
Cell Biology
Recommended courses
First-Year Seminar
College Writing I
humanities course

Spring Program courses
Botany or Zoology
General Chemistry II
Recommended courses
Biblical Literature
Speech Communication
Lifetime Fitness and Wellness

Second Year Fall Program courses
College Physics I or Calculus I
Organic Chemistry I
Recommended courses
social science course

Spring Program courses
Botany or Zoology
Cell Biology or Microbiology
Organic Chemistry II
Calculus II or Physics II
Recommended courses
responsibility course

Note: Calculus may be delayed until the student’s junior year. College Physics may be needed but also can be taken during the student’s junior year. For pre-pharmacy, include Anatomy and Physiology instead of Botany/Zoology.

Catalog 2015-16