Students engage in Hugo Boschmann’s microbiology lab. About 425 students were enrolled at Hesston College during the 2009-10 year.


Department Mission Statement

The Hesston College Biology department educates students in the biological sciences, supplying biology and science majors with the training and knowledge to successfully advance in the discipline; provides allied health science majors, especially those in nursing, with the foundational knowledge and methodology of biology necessary to their vocation; and provides an experience in the integration of reason and faith to the general education student.

Learning Environment

The biology department is continually upgrading the laboratory equipment, especially as it relates to innovative computerized laboratory experiments. However, there is a constant emphasis on “hands-on” experiences – computers are used to analyze data, but the student still has to do the necessary “laboratory wet-bench work” that is essential in much of the biological work.

The laboratories are wonderful settings for students to interact and cooperate in laboratory projects. There are also group study sessions which bring students together in an informal setting to assist in course work. At least once a year there is a science division-wide gathering where students and faculty and spouses gather for an informal evening which usually includes a dinner, some get-acquainted activities and a lecture presentation by an invited guest.