Chatter in the Nest

Mari Sailors, Jeremy Deckinger, Elizabeth Miller, Grace Allen, John Ebaugh, Jeff Baumgartner, Teo Soler, Risa Fukaya

How has your Hesston Experience embodied the Homecoming theme of “Grounded in community, globally engaged”?

Mari Sailors, Associate Director of International Admissions
“As a fairly new staff member, I immediately felt ‘grounded’ by the support and encouragement I received from co-workers, supervisors, students and the overall campus community. This type of small, personal atmosphere mixed with a unique appreciation and interest in global perspectives is the perfect combination for me.”
Jeremy Deckinger ’18, Wichita, Kan.
“In only a year at Hesston, I’ve made more friendships with people from different countries and cultures than I ever thought I could make in a lifetime. Discussing world issues with the people who it affects most is a powerful gift.”
Elizabeth Miller ’18, Archbold, Ohio
“Being involved in Bel Canto, I sang at the solar eclipse in Shickley, Nebraska in August. It wasn’t what a typical first day of classes usually looks like, but the Hesston community joined with others that day in an event that reminded us all that we are a part of something bigger. As I look ahead at my future, I realize that Hesston has equipped me well. No matter what I choose to do next year, Hesston has empowered me to see the humanity in everyone and serve in love.”
Grace Allen ’19, Abilene, Kan.
“The homecoming theme is perfect to describe my experience at Hesston College. With such a small campus, we are a close community with everyone knowing everyone, but the large population of international students on campus allows us to familiarize ourselves with different cultures and languages. My roommate is from Albania, so I have learned a lot about Albanian culture and history. Since coming to Hesston, I have become part of a great community, but I have also become much more aware of what’s going on in the world outside of Hesston.”
John Ebaugh ’18, Holtwood, Pa.
“My Hesston Experience has embodied the theme of grounded in community, globally engaged through my mod. I have modlings from four countries and six states. We all have fun and enjoy mod activities together as if we are one family.”
Jeff Baumgartner, math professor
“Without leaving the communities of Hesston, Kansas, which I now call my own, I have had the privilege of teaching and interacting with students from at least 20 countries from Albania to Zimbabwe. Those students, including two of my own children who attended Hesston College and became friends with others from around the world, have helped me make connections with others and become more globally engaged even though I am not personally able to travel as I might wish.”
Teo Soler ’19, Orleans, France
“The men’s soccer team started the year by going to Rocky Mountain Mennonite Camp and doing service work there. We were part of something greater.”
Risa Fukaya ’19, Zushi, Japan
“The parade during Homecoming Weekend was a good example of the Homecoming theme. The international students were featured in the parade representing our countries with flags. We realized that our existence here helps connect Hesston College and the local community with something more.”